Founder/Funding | 创建运营

Lyvgen was founded in 2016 by Jieyi Wang, Ph.D, who serves as the Chairman and CEO. Previously, Dr. Wang worked at Abbott/AbbVie for 22 years in Oncology R&D with extensive experience in new drug discovery, cancer biology and immunotherapy. Lyvgen has completed its Series A funding through Morningside Venture. Recently Lyvgen closed a USD $30 million Series B funding round. 6 Dimensions Capital led this round of financing, with participation from Winfair Global, Runling Capital and existing Series A investor Morningside Ventures.

礼进生物于2016年在上海浦东张江高科技园区注册成立。生物药物研发专家王结义博士为公司创始人并担任CEO,领导管理和运营。之前王结义博士在雅培/艾伯维工作二十二年,有丰富的抗癌新药及肿瘤免疫研发经验。礼进生物A 轮融资由晨兴创投完成,公司最近又完成3000万美元的B轮融资,本次融资由通和毓承领投,其他投资方包括Winfair Global和润瓴资本,原有投资者晨兴创投也参与了本轮投资。

Mission | 研发方向

Lyvgen is dedicated in immune-oncology R&D and has an early pipeline of innovative antibodies including PD-1 antibody SSI-361 and an unique set of proprietary co-stimulation agonist antibodies with the potential to become first-in-class and best-in-class biotherapeutics.

礼进生物研发方向是发明创造拥有自主知识产权, 针对肿瘤等重大疾病的新药。现阶段研发模式是通过自主设计,利用外包服务公司的优势来完成具体的实验。礼进生物拥有独特的激动性抗体技术平台,重点开发世界领先的肿瘤免疫激活性抗体和癌症免疫组合治疗,提高癌症病人长期生存率。目前礼进生物的PD-1抗体SSI-361已授权安科生物开发中国市场。